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Hashmitrust.com God is not something you name, God is what you find within your innerself.Hashmitrust.com Hashmi Human Resources Development Society Hashmitrust.com Achieving ultimate solace is helping the needy, feeding the hugry, clothing the nakeds and teaching the ignorants. Hashmitrust.com  


About Hashmi Trust

The Hashmi Human Resources Development Society, is a legally constituted registered educational charity Society. Established in 1996 it has been formed to ensure provision of Education from primary to highest level, Medication and Jobs to the downtrodden section of society. We dream that everyone in India has access to his own choice of education, everyone gets proper medical assistance and everyone has a job to earn. So many people & organisations are heartily working to achieve this dream. But still there is a long way to go. Hashmi Trust is all about giving them a chance to be educated, to be healthy and to be with a job who wish but cannot due to being weaker economically.