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Why choose us

Why associate with the Hashmi Trust? Why donate? Why volunteer? Why lead an Hashmi Trust chapter?

In a word – VALUE

Hashmi Trust is one of a small, but growing group of foundations that practice strategic philanthropy. Strategic philanthropy goes beyond charitable giving to focus on investing in the creation of social & economic value.

Value is created when initiatives or practices promoted by us bolster economic prosperity, protect the society from going back to dark ages and improve the quality of life.

Hashmi Trust practices a rigorous due diligence process and uses clear performance metrics and milestones to evaluate investments and overall organizational performance.

We create additional value by focusing on capacity building and documentation of social outcomes, particularly at the policy level. We apply the same value creation rigor to our fundraising and overhead costs. We are cautious stewards of our funds and take seriously our work to accelerate value education in India.

The COSTS of strategic philanthropy are more expensive, but the long-lasting value created is worth it. Costs such as an educated and professional staff, the use of modern technology, sound financial systems, and appropriate support and supervision of staff enable us to better add value to our beneficiaries.

Accountability and Transparency

We hold ourselves to high standards regarding our stewardship over the funds you donate.

We maintain the more rigorous international grant control standards as set by Govt of India. Even though, as a public foundation, we are not required to do so. This includes maintaining financial control over the grant we receive.

Every grant and program spending decision is done by a committee. Much like a VC firm, we have investment criteria we look for: strong leadership, sound financial controls, innovative products, scalability, and consumer demand/community involvement.

Once approved, committed funds are held in reserve. All our expenditures are conditional based on meeting milestones. In this way we also ensure the success of our investments. We are just as rigorous with ourselves. We make investments in ourselves - personnel, equipment, technology, knowledge - so we can be more efficient, which helps us keep expenses low so more of your money are invested in products that make a difference.

Hashmi Trust takes a multi-phased approach to disaster relief: relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation. Hashmi Trust's focus is the long-term rehabilitation of communities, and it dedicates most of its resources to this phase. In Gujarat, Hashmi Trustfunded volunteer help work in the affected communities for up to three months following the earthquake.

Hashmi Trust Education & Medical Assistance Programme is an effort to en-strengthen the efforts of government.. By being connected with weaker sections of society and minorities consistently, Hashmi Trust makes a long-term impact in the lives of affected people.

In West Uttar Pradesh, Hashmi Trust has focused on rehabilitating livelihoods of those sections of society who being poor, suffered silently till now; by providing more and more educational facilities. Hashmi Trust is working with the most marginalized of people - women, Dalits, Minorities, landless laborers and youth.

Hashmi Trust implies community-based mapping and planning studies to better understand the needs of affected communities. With an understanding of these needs and the resources that were already available, Hashmi Trust then provides livelihoods initiatives.