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Hashmi Girls College of Education.      

Hashmitrust.com God is not something you name, God is what you find within your innerself.Hashmitrust.com Hashmi Human Resources Development Society Hashmitrust.com Achieving ultimate solace is helping the needy, feeding the hugry, clothing the nakeds and teaching the ignorants. Hashmitrust.com  



Hashmi Girls Degree College has been established by Smt. Shakira Begum w/o Late Hakeem Mahtab Uddin Hashmi under the aegis of Hashmi Human Resources Development Society. One of the most important objectives of the society is to spread and disseminate education-academic as well as character building. The noble endeavour to spread the light of learning, knowledge and enlightenment has started giving results. The Hashmi Girls Degree College has embarked on its academic journey from the session 2001-2002

Curriculum is approved by M.J.P. Rohilkhand University Bareilly, U.P

Students Common Room:
The common room of the students is always charged with a coffee house atmosphere of course with a free smoking zone .The students, there, may be found chatting on socio- political issues concerning the country or the whole world.

A library is the soul of any educational institution. The curriculum and teaching methods in Hashmi Girls Degree College require both intensive and extensive use of the materials in the library. Keeping in view its essential role, the library is being constantly enriched by the acquisition of latest books, journals, Magazines and daily Hindi & English newspapers. This helps the library to keep in pace with changing times and to further the advancement of the academic endeavors of the college A unique aspect of this library is provision of Book Bank Facility to the students. A set of books as per the syllabus is provided to the students for the whole year. In Library Photostat facility is available to students on no profit no loss basis. Syllabus and some E-books are also available in library on CD/DVD form.

Science Lab
Fully Equipped according to NCTE Norms.

Psychology Lab
Fully Equipped according to NCTE Norms.

Educational Technology Lab
Fully Equipped according to NCTE Norms.

Fully Equipped according to NCTE Norms.

Language Lab
Fully Equipped according to NCTE Norms.

Multipurpose Hall
According to NCTE Norms.

Reading Room
According to NCTE Norms.

Under the Scout/Guide Scheme a series of short-term social service programmes are designed and implemented. The Scout/Guide team has contributed a lot in the implementation of various programmes in association with other non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) working in the district of Amroha. The large number of participation by the students in Scout/Guide marks the success of the scheme.

Sports Facilities:
Our overall outlooks are to promote sport activities in the college to the all-possible extent. Sports/Games equipments are available as per NCTE norms. Permanent instructor is recruited.

Health Camps:
Under this health scheme, volunteers then and there conduct general surveys and studies and also health check up camps are being organized by the management of the college.

Class rooms:
All the lectures room are as per PWD specification considering for light and cross ventilation.

Travel Concession:
During Session, students may avail all travel concession as per Govt. Rules.

Other Facilities

  • Internet
  • Photostat
  • Canteen
  • Free vehicle stand
  • PCO
  • Free Guidance and conselling
  • Free Uniform to needy
  • Scholarships

Facilities added between 01 April 2019 - 30 November 2019.


1 150 Wooden chair
2 200 Plastic Chair
3 10 Fan
4 3 Black Board
5 12 Table
6 5 Almirah
7 20 Staff chair
8 10 Iron Rack
9 03 Dias
1 150 Wooden chair


1 Text Books 23689.00
2 Journals 3562.00
3 Magazines 1586.00
4 Reference Books 3625.00
5 News Papers 12530.00
6 Misc. Exp 9680.00
Total Amount 54672.00

Language Lab

1 1 Language Software
2 10 Computer System
3 Misc. Equp.

Sports Lab

1 1 Treadmills
2 1 Dumbbells
3 1 Weight
4 1 Exercise bikes
5 2 Tennis Rackets
6 3 Badminton Rackets
7 1 Cricket Kit
8 1 Football
9 1 Volley ball
10 Misc. Items.

Art, Craft and Music Lab

1 1 Tabla
2 1 Harmonium
3 1 Gitar
4 1 Basuri
5 1 Dholak
6 1 Chimta
7 13 Music Items

Curriculum Lab

1 15 Maths Items
2 12 Geographical Items
3 Science Materials
4 Lab. Chemicals


1 1 O.H.P.
2 1 Camera
3 1 Printer
4 5 Laptop
5 1 DVD Player
6 1 LED T.V.
Hashmi Girls Degree College
Haji Basheer Nagar, Bijnor Road, Amroha-244221
Distt.: Jyotiba Phule Nagar, (UP), India