Hashmi College of law

LLB Syllabus

(Prescribed By M.J.P.R.University)

LL. B 3 year ( 6 Semester) Law graduate program.

First Semester


Constitutional Law I

Paper-II Law of Contract (I)
Paper-III Family Law I ( Hindu Law)
Paper-IV Law of Crimes I (I.P.C)
Paper-V Law of Torts including M.V accident and consumer protection Laws.

Second Semester :


Constitutional Law II

Paper-II Specific Contacts
Paper-III Family Law II (Muslim Law)
Paper-IV Company Law
Paper-V Property Law

Third Semester :


Administrative Law

Paper-II Environmental Law
Paper-III Labour Law I
Paper-IV Public International Law
Paper-V Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System (Clinical / Practical)

Fourth Semester :


Law of Evidence

Paper-II Law of Crimes II (Cr. P.C)
Paper-III Civil procedure code and limitation Act
Paper-IV Labour Law II
Paper-V Alternate Dispute Resolution ( Clinical / Practical)

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